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The debate has raged back and forth for decades, but most professionals agree that advertising is part art and part science, especially in this digital age with science including technology. SJ Insights is a marketing services firm committed to providing best-in-class market intelligence and analysis, custom market research, media planning and buying services (including social media marketing), as well as advertising related consulting services. In other words, we focus on the science side. Founded by the nationally recognized, Kansas City advertising veteran Sheree Johnson, we take a distinctive, cost-effective approach to help businesses make fact-based, strategic decisions before they go to market with a new product, execute a new campaign or make other marketing decisions.

The Heart of It All.

Insights are what lie at the heart of all aspects of marketing communications – from target audience identification to brand positioning, from digital strategy to the creative process. No matter how challenging or complex the marketing situation, we bring a clear and deep understanding of a situation, of a target group, of an opportunity and of the right strategy. In today’s rapidly changing consumer landscape, companies can no longer settle for data that merely quantifies the past or benchmarks current behavior. Research and insights should be at the center of the innovation process. Insights should be a catalyst for new ideas and solutions, not just the reporting of results.

Award-Winning Thinking.

In addition to market intelligence and research, our media services provide independent and award-winning strategic thinking and are available on either a consultative or traditional basis – meaning we can audit, review and advise, or we can provide complete media planning and flawless buying. Where your messaging appears is more important than the number of impressions achieved and SJ Insights puts their acumen to work to connect audiences with brands to successfully deliver a message. Based on years of strategic planning for a broad range of clients of all sizes, we understand how a particular audience consumes media, and then how to best reach them while they are doing so.

Insight FYI…

Despite a string of controversies and the relatively negative sentiments about aspects of social media, roughly seven-in-ten Americans say they ever use any kind of social media site – a share that has remained relatively stable over the past five years:

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