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We know that posting out regularly to social media channels can be tedious. Especially if you are a busy small business owner, it can be a bit of a distraction and time robber when you need to focus on other things. So, SJ Social is here to help!

Founder and CEO Sheree Johnson has taught social media marketing part-time in the Continuing Education department of JCCC for the last 6+ years. Often small business owners are students in Sheree’s seminars or classes and while they are there to learn, she has found more often than not, they would rather be focusing on their business, but know they need to be doing social media. That’s why she decided to launch SJ Social for small business as a service of SJ Insights.

SJ Social empowers your small business through reliable social media marketing services and social media training. We focus on promoting you online while you concentrate on running a successful business. We can set up all your company’s social media channels and run them on an ongoing basis effortlessly. Or if you already have social media accounts, we can help you optimize their performance.

Affordable & Flexible Social Media Support
Start-ups and small businesses need marketing help but often don’t have the budget or need for an expensive marketing agency. That’s why we offer flexible, affordable social media marketing services tailored around their unique needs. Contact us for a price list or a custom quote for your business.

Do You Need a Website? Does Your Website Need a Makeover?
Before you get started with a social media marketing program, how’s your website or do you need a new site? Is it a little dusty with no new content, and antiquated technology? Did you have some young intern do it as you were setting up your business and you’re ready for a more professional refresh? Contact us and we’ll help you with a new site. Using both our internal sources and external partners, we can create a new site for you with a limited budget and in record time. Here are a few simple sites we created but packed full of content and interest (several are e-commerce sites).

Automotive Parts Associates
Musa Sirena
The Midwest Mermaid Muse
Ross Malone Missouri Books
Kansas City Nutrition & Wellness Festival
Better World Beads
Cyclones 1970

Package 1 – Entry Level
We’ll get you started and set up your accounts.
– Set up social media accounts for your business (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
– Includes design and content development for page/account
– Includes 2-hour training on usage, making posts and general tips

Package 2 – Channel & Content Monthly Management
We’ll manage your social media accounts for you (that are already set up, or after completion of Level 1 from above).
– Development of a monthly editorial calendar
– Content curation and creating posts for each account
– Includes doing spur-of-the-moment or unscheduled posts as needed
– Field inquiries/respond to visitor comments

Package 3 – Blog Creation & Monthly Management
Having a blog is a great way to engage with your customers and prospects. You can use it as content for email campaigns, social media posts and keeping your website fresh. It drives social media users to your website. If you don’t already have a blog you should, because it also enhances your placement with search engines. SJ Social will create or enhance your blog strategy, set-it up on your site, and get it started with an initial blog post. Thereafter if you want us to handle blog creating, writing and posting for you, we’ll create a new blog each month (or at whatever frequency you choose).

Package 4 – Social Media Advertising
Social media advertising is inarguably one of the best ways for a small business to get the most out of your media budget – with lower costs compared to traditional channels and trackable results. We’ll tap into the power of social feeds to connect your brand with the right audience at the right moment. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn ads, we’ll help you define the right channel and budget for the results you need, when you need them. Costs vary depending on the ad spend budget and number of channels utilized.

Package 5 – Social Media Marketing Training
Whether you’re a beginner or are already seeing success with your social media efforts, our social media training looks to get the best out of your channels and team. Learn best practices for each major network, discover the best content and best practices for each channel and much more. Learn the tactics behind planning, creating, and promoting great content and how to measure results. You’ll walk away with the acumen to handle social media for your own small business.

We can get you started now, contact us for a price list or a custom quote. We would look forward to working with you!

Insight FYI…

Despite a string of controversies and the relatively negative sentiments about aspects of social media, roughly seven-in-ten Americans say they ever use any kind of social media site – a share that has remained relatively stable over the past five years:

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