Web Analytics: Dashboards Simplified

Does looking at your Google Analytics report leave you cross-eyed? In evaluating your site traffic do you become overwhelmed with TMI? Is the right information even being captured? What does the data really tell you? Would you show your CEO your current 12-page report? (Hopefully not!)

Dashboards are one of the most important parts of Web analytics reporting. They can provide a quick snapshot of your website metrics and can also be used to present your site performance to anyone in your organization.

Sample SJ Insights DashboardsWhile it is possible to create dashboards using Google or several third party solutions, the end product is typically crammed with too much data, too many graphs, less-than appealing graphics, and will most likely create a highly complex picture of results. More often than not, they don’t really tell the entire story such as overlaying sales, media impressions, PR activity, changes in awareness, brand perception or other metrics. And to customize and automate ongoing dashboard reports with expensive software solutions will still have  limitations in terms of simplicity. This inspired SJ Insights to take a strategic approach towards designing executive dashboards for several of our clients.

Our typical custom dashboards are 1-2 pages only, focus on reporting just the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), provide trendlines on a month-to-month or week-to-week basis, integrate other data like social media stats (likes, followers, reach, engagement), email and AdWord results, and can even include sales or call volume data. We make the charts simple and easy to read with strong visual appeal and impact using brand colors and smaller snapshot graphs.

Web Analytics is one of our fastest growing services – we especially love the challenge of prioritizing all of the data available into our customized dashboard reports. As one client put it, “I now don’t have to dig through the plethora of charts, tables and graphs to try to make sense of anything. This dashboard report provides what we need to know simply, and is something I can share internally throughout our organization without having to schedule a meeting to have someone provide the interpretation of the results.”

Interested in hearing how we can simplify your Web Analytics reporting? Just email Sheree Johnson at sheree@sjinsights.net for more information.

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