Time to Grade Your Brand

Brand PuzzleListening to customers and prospective buyers provides an exceptional opportunity to innovate, invigorate a product or business and make smarter decisions throughout an entire organization. The best companies take time to listen to what the  marketplace is saying about them, and while research can be typically done at any point of time throughout the year, September is an especially important month to understand the challenges and opportunities ahead, as marketing budgets for the forthcoming new year are being set. So time to grade your brand!

Quantitative, online brand research enables marketers to better understand how their brands are positioned relative to competitors, brand category or a specific product. As a brand travels through its lifecycle, its strength and success are based on its ability to remain relevant by continuously evolving to meet the tangible and emotional needs of customers. Brand research measures brand awareness, brand image, brand position, brand loyalty and brand personality providing the insights required to position your brand appropriately.

SJ Insights can provide a comprehensive brand research study on a cost-effective, timely basis utilizing the latest online survey tools with advanced functionality. Our surveys are more responsive because we use advanced skip logic and page jumping features, showing and hiding questions based on previous responses, skipping to a new page entirely, and row and column randomization to prevent “order” bias. Benefits of online research are many:

  1. Relevant ParticipantsA+ Grade
    A wide range of demographic groups is available so the right respondents can be recruited for participation.
  2. Global or Local
    The geographic location of survey participants does not impact the efficiency or quality of research data. They can be recruited for a specific market, group of markets, region of the country, across the entire U.S. and on a global basis.
  3. Timely
    Results are monitored while the survey is online and can be delivered in real time. The final analysis/report can be delivered within 5-10 days (depending on scope) which is much quicker than traditional survey methods.
  4. Consistent Tracking
    Once a benchmark level of brand metrics is established, it’s easy to implement an ongoing tracking study with future test periods scheduled annually, or twice a year, or after a major advertising campaign and so on.
  5. Cost-Effective
    Either using your contact database or our access to a variety of online panels and sample sources, the desired number of responses can be delivered on a fixed cost basis.
  6. Quality Data
    Online market research delivers better response rates and better quality data as opposed to other survey methods. The reasons are many, including:
  • Consistent delivery of questions, which eliminates interviewer bias and/or data entry errors.
  • Inclusion of pictures, audio and video in surveys can become rich and engaging, multimedia-enhanced events.
  • Time constraints are eliminated so participants can fully understand and complete surveys, reconsidering questions where necessary and taking the time to think about their answers. They can also take the survey at a time that suits them, rather than being harassed to do so at a trade show or in a mall or being phoned when it’s least convenient.

So before you start doing any planning for next year, make sure you have insight on your brand’s current performance and future opportunities and challenges. Consider SJ Insights as your provider to design and implement the study. Just contact Sheree Johnson for a quote by calling 913/239-0976 or sending an email to sheree@sjinsights.net.

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