Celebrating 10 Years

I picked April 15 as the birth of SJ Insights ten years ago so I would have something positive to celebrate on tax day (plus I would have the launch of my website ready by then). Yes, this is a day late, but taxes aren’t due until the 18th this year, so today works to share that it’s SJ Insights 10-year Anniversary!  The last couple of years have been difficult as the pandemic totally suspended most of my business. But thanks to receiving a state of Kansas small business grant, and some new and reinvigorated clients getting back to business as usual, things started coming back last year. And earlier last year, I even set up a new small business to keep myself and creative psych busy (with a purpose to helping environmental-based non-profit organizations), Better World Beads.

Over the ten years I’ve learned many things that normally in a larger agency setting, I wouldn’t have been involved with directly – so I’ve become much more of a generalist in addition to a media/research specialist. From creating websites for small business clients, to writing copy and blog posts for clients. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and it certainly applied to my skill set. I’m proud of all the things I’ve learned to do over the last ten years, it’s never too late to continue to learn and evolve.

Many thanks to my clients, agency partners I’ve worked with, media partners, vendors, and many friends for helping SJ Insights get to 10 years. Thank you for your confidence and support! I would name you all individually, but I’d be concerned about leaving someone out. I’ve been truly blessed to be surrounded by all of you, and hoping that SJ Insights can continue to be a “pro from Dover” and provide an array of marketing communications support where and when needed.   

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